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Drive My Car

What's it about?

A renowned stage actor and director learns to cope with his wife's unexpected passing when he receives an offer to direct a production of Uncle Vanya in Hiroshima.

Why did we pick it?

Drive My Car is a wonderfully reassuring film that over its three-hour runtime addresses grief in such a natural and therapeutic way. Grief can be a very personal and individual experience but at its core, there is a shared element that we can all recognise and emphasise with - which is Drive My Car's biggest strength.

Who's in it?

Hidetoshi Nishijima - Yūsuke Kafuku

Toko Miura - Misaki Watari

Masaki Okada - Kōshi Takatsuki

Who made it?

Ryusuke Hamaguchi - Director & Writer

Takamasa Oe - Writer (Screenplay)



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