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Girl - Review (London Film Festival 2023)

We Cannot Trust Anyone. 3 / 5

Directed by Adura Onashile.

Grace is forced to confront the truth of her past, she has to come to terms with her trauma and its effects on her daughter Ama.

Starting my 2023 London Film Festival experience, Girl is a touching British drama focusing on the bond of a mother and daughter who hold on tight to protect each other due to the mother's traumatic past.

As Le'Shantey Bonsu's Ama begins to mature and longs to become more independent, her mother Grace has to learn to trust and face her own past so as not to stand in her daughter's path. Déborah Lukumuena gives a devastating performance over the film, encapsulating the pain and fear that is holding her back.

Set to a beautifully harmonic score and drenched in rich purple light, Girl is a powerful debut by writer/director Adura Onashile.

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