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Next Goal Wins - Review

One Goal.

3.5 / 5

The Guardians of the Galaxy team line up

Directed by Taika Waititi.

Thomas Rongen attempts the nearly impossible task of turning the American Samoa soccer team from perennial losers into winners.

Filmed in 2019 and delayed due to reshoots, recasting, controversies, a pandemic and strikes - it is a miracle that Next Goal Wins saw the light of day.

Taika Waititi sprinkles his signature whimsy to this unbelievably true underdog story but its biggest misstep is that it focuses far too heavily on Michael Fassbender's story instead of the diverse group of characters in the American Samoa team. It feels like a disservice to their achievements as it bends history and misrepresents real stories all for a cheap punchline.

After a year with Ted Lasso and Welcome to Wrexham on our screens, I am amazed at how often I fall headfirst into an underdog football story but if it ain't broke…

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