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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

What's it about?

Los Angeles, 1969. TV star Rick Dalton, a struggling actor specializing in westerns, and stuntman Cliff Booth, his best friend, try to survive in a constantly changing movie industry.

Why do we love it?

Tarantino gets to show audiences what made him fall in love with the industry in this latest piece. Set in the yesteryear of Hollywood, you spend time with these characters, see what makes them tick and that is ultimately what makes this film so great. It’s Tarantino's passion project and an immersive slice of escapism into the past.

Who's in it?

Leonardo DiCaprio - Rick Dalton

Brad Pitt - Cliff Booth

Margot Robbie - Sharon Tate

Who made it?

Quentin Tarantino - Director & Writer

Where can I watch it?

Find out where you stream, rent or buy Once Upon a Time in Hollywood at JustWatch


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