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The Book of Solutions - Review (London Film Festival 2023)

Learn By Doing. 3 / 5

Directed by Michel Gondry.

Marc is a director who tries to vanquish his demons, which are oppressing his creativity.

The Book of Solutions dives headfirst into the maniacal mind of the creative, committed to bringing their vision to life as it mutates and evolves in a visually creative manner that only a Michel Gondry film could.

After the studio threatens his passion project, Pierre Niney's Marc escapes to the country with a small yet hesitant crew to finish the film in his own way. This desperate act opens the door to the experimental where anything goes and everything is possible - even if Marc is the only one that sees it that way.

This creative look at the filmmaking process from the inside out is an energetic piece that has real heart at its centre as it attempts to make sense and a coherent final product out of the madness. Gondry practically restrains himself compared to the eccentricities of his past work which helps ground the creativity practically without it leaning into the bizarre.

A film about filmmaking pulls on obvious real life similarities for Gondry, bringing to life the struggles of focusing when presented with unlimited possibilities that feel both genuine and funny whilst also a touch self-indulgent.

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