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Bad Education - Review (London Film Festival 2019)

Keep Your Receipts. 4 / 5

Directed by Cory Finley. A superintendent of a school district works for the betterment of the student’s education when an embezzlement scheme is discovered, threatening to destroy everything.

Director Corey Finley gave one of the strongest debuts I have ever seen and one of my top films of 2018 with Thoroughbreds so I was eagerly anticipating his follow-up Bad Education.

Following the unbelievable true crime story of corruption in a Long Island School district, though embezzling public funds, this is a shocking and confidently directed film that puts audiences into a false sense of trust.

I would actually suggest going in knowing as little as possible about the outcome as it makes for a terrifying hilarious film that keeps you guessing until the end.

Masterful pacing and a wonderfully sharp script help set the tone which is only made better with Finley's now signature intricate framing and the brilliant performances led by Hugh Jackman as the squeaky clean superintendent.

With an ever-increasing downward spiral, you cannot believe what you are watching as the situation gets very quickly out of control. The film can't help but fascinate you throughout. A strong story paired with precise and masterful filmmaking in front and behind the camera makes Finley two for two and a continued name to watch. Read our latest reviews at:

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