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ear for eye - Review (London Film Festival 2021)

Give Me a Reason to Not. 3 / 5

Directed by debbie tucker green.

From front rooms, Black families, friends, students and older generations navigate British and American society today.

A thematic mergence of theatre and filmmaking, ear for eye elevates the spoken word with cinematic techniques to make the already powerful performances hit with impact.

debbie tucker green has created a unique piece of art that shares a series of confrontations and powerful scenes that show the black British and American experience. This piece of performance art is split into three parts, each taking a different approach to how it shares its message.

The writing is so raw and prolific that it will need studying and multiple watches to truly take it all in. The film feels like it's moving at a hundred miles an hour, purposely overwhelming your senses to fully immerse you in its grasp.

debbie tucker green's style has such a distinctive and dominant presence that makes ear for eye a genuinely unique experience.

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