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Earthquake Bird - Review (London Film Festival 2019)

Death Becomes Her. 2.5 / 5

Directed by Wash Westmoreland. Tokyo, Japan, 1989. Lucy Fly, a foreigner who works as a translator, begins a passionate relationship with Teiji, a mysterious man obsessed with photography.

Some films deserve the big screen experience and some films like Earthquake Bird are made to be buried in Netflix's vast library.

A frustrating film that had potential but ultimately fizzles out what starts out as an interesting look into the disappearance of Lily Bridges stumbles into an unoriginal love triangle and wastes the talent in front of the camera.

Vikander leads the film as the emotionless Lucy but she begins to open up as she meets Kobayashi's Teji. Her performance keeps the film going even if the plot begins to give up and her commitment to speaking fluent Japanese was super impressive. Utilising the Japanese setting well, it explores different cultures and being alone in such a busy environment.

As the story unravels, it looks at jealousy, obsession, and betrayal but begins to lose direction which is even more surprising as Vikander is recounting the events so the filmmakers should have had the ending in mind. With odd dialogue and a repetitive script, it’s a shame that a film that begins so intriguing ends up finishing in such a cliché and forgettable way. Read our latest reviews at:

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