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I Love My Dad - Review (London Film Festival 2022)

I Took Some Steps in Setting Healthy Boundaries. 3 / 5

Directed by James Morosini.

A hopelessly estranged father catfishes his son in an attempt to reconnect.

In a desperate plea to rebuild his relationship with his son, Patton Oswalt creates an online persona that his son falls for both literally and romantically in the agonisingly cringe inducing I Love My Dad.

James Morosini writes, directs and stars in this comedy that doesn't shy away from the realities of strained parental relationships playing on Patton Oswalt's signature loveable charm as you question how far he will go with this damaging lie.

Though it starts off somewhat lighthearted it quickly spirals out of control into the uncomfortable as you watch this tragedy slowly build with its inevitable traumatic downfall not far away. Though it often gets caught up in its own dream logic, it portrays this fake relationship in a visually engaging way rather than 90 minutes of silent texting screen graphics.

The performances are surprisingly competent - skilled enough to pull off the comedic moments but self-aware of the devastating absurdity of the story it's telling. You would have thought I was watching a horror as I watched through my fingers, it's a purposely testing watch that didn't blow me away but certainly achieved the tone it set out to convey.

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