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Just Mercy - Review (London Film Festival 2019)

Nothing But The Truth. 3.5 / 5

Directed by Destin Daniel Cretton. The powerful true story of Harvard-educated lawyer Bryan Stevenson, who goes to Alabama to defend the disenfranchised and wrongly condemned — including Walter McMillian, a man sentenced to death despite evidence proving his innocence. Bryan fights tirelessly for Walter with the system stacked against them.

Beginning my very first London Film Festival with a real gut-punch of a film, Just Mercy shows the unspeakable inhumanity that can take place on Death Row.

From the opening moments of Jamie Foxx's burly moustache in the Alabama forest, you can see it's a tightly shot and well-directed film from Destin Daniel Cretton who's past work on Short Term 12 I loved.

Covering some tough topics, it finds itself slipping into award bait territory but Foxx's and B. Jordan's performances are fantastic and make it all worth it.

It does feel overly drawn out with some scenes going on far too long, though this does leave you with more time with the characters making the events down the line that more emotional.

An important story that needs to be told, handled with the respect and care it deserves. Not without its flaws but the performances will make this one to watch when award season rolls around. Read our latest reviews at:

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