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Killers of the Flower Moon - Review (London Film Festival 2023)

This Wealth Will Run Dry. 4.5 / 5

Directed by Martin Scorsese.

When oil is discovered in 1920s Oklahoma under Osage Nation land, the Osage people are murdered one by one—until the FBI steps in to unravel the mystery.

A vast American history lesson presented by one of cinema's masters unveils the ultimate tale of greed in corruption in Killers of The Flower Moon.

Martin Scorsese brings together his two most notable leading men as Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro go toe to toe in a film that has a colossal undertaking with the task to adapt not only a notable moment in America's history but one that needs and deserves to be told honestly and authentically.

Lily Gladstone plays Mollie Burkhart, a member of the Osage Nation who had come into great wealth owning oil-producing land. Her resilient performance steals the show in a packed cast of big hitters. She is the beating heart of the story as white interlopers infect her community manipulating and stealing as much of the Osage money as they could get their hands on.

A bold undertaking, this 200+ minute epic keeps a steady pace throughout as we explore this poison tale from all angles with visceral direction from Scorsese and a watertight edit by his creative partner in crime, Thelma Schoonmaker.

Despicable yet unavoidably gripping, no one can put the enticing sin of corruption to screen quite like Scorsese. We are lucky to still get films flawlessly executed by him on this scale, still at such a high level of quality. A master of his craft.

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