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One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

What's it about?

A petty criminal fakes insanity to serve his sentence in a mental ward rather than prison. He soon finds himself as a leader to the other patients—and an enemy to the cruel, domineering nurse who runs the ward.

Why did we pick it?

Thought-provoking and heartwarming capturing a subject that is rarely shown with such scary realism. The entire cast does a sensational job with Nicholson and Fletcher standing out amongst the rest.

Who's in it? Jack Nicholson - Randle Patrick McMurphy

Louise Fletcher - Nurse Mildred Ratched

Danny DeVito - Martini

Who made it?

Miloš Forman - Director

Ken Kesey - Writer (Novel)

Bo Goldman - Writer (Screenplay)

Lawrence Hauben - Writer (Screenplay)



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