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The Social Network

What's it about?

As Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg creates the social networking site that would become known as Facebook, he is sued by the twins who claimed he stole their idea and by the co-founder who was later squeezed out of the business.

Why do we love it?

A pure masterclass in scriptwriting and direction, the story of Facebook is full of betrayal, and temptation and it is handled with such skill that it's hard to find a fault.

Who's in it?

Jesse Eisenberg - Mark Zuckerberg

Andrew Garfield - Eduardo Saverin

Armie Hammer - Cameron & Tyler Winklevoss

Who made it?

David Fincher - Director

Aaron Sorkin - Screenplay

Where can I watch it?

Find out where you stream, rent or buy The Social Network at JustWatch.


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