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Triangle of Sadness - Review (London Film Festival 2022)

Directed by Ruben Östlund.

A cruise for the super-rich sinks thus leaving survivors, including a fashion model celebrity couple, trapped on an island.

Releases in UK Cinemas: October 28th 2022

Very satisfyingly so, 'Eat the Rich' has become a repeated theme in modern cinema so I saw absolutely no irony as I took my seat in London's Royal Festival Hall for this screening of Triangle of Sadness.

Following Harris Dickinson and the late Charlbi Dean's splintered relationship as they continuously have to prove that they are worthy of their lavish lifestyle, things continue to move sideways as they take a trip on a luxury cruise, which they got for free of course. Their blissful ignorance and comic timing elevate the sharply written script no matter how outrageous it gets.

A visceral class satire from the mind of Ruben Östlund does everything in its power to invoke a reaction from cry-laughing to nauseously holding down your lunch. Split into three chapters, each builds on the insanity of the last as it pokes fun and shines a light on the lives of the super-rich proving that money doesn’t buy you everything - but it definitely helps. Each chapter feels like its own disorientating short film but once they are stitched together does make for a drawn out final product.

Such a great experience with a crowd, hearing the moans, groans, laughs, and screams of a packed room was how a film this garish should be experienced. If I had to sum it up, I suppose I would say "In der Wolken."

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