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After Yang - Review (Sundance Film Festival 2022)

Something Wonderful is Happening Here. 4 / 5

Directed by Kogonada.

When his young daughter’s beloved companion, an android named Yang malfunctions, Jake searches for a way to repair him. In the process, Jake discovers the life that has been passing in front of him, reconnecting with his wife and daughter across a distance he didn’t know was there.

Kogonada's follow up to Columbus is a tranquil and innovative look at grief that balances its calming composure with one of the most energetic and memorable opening sequences in recent years.

This surreal film lulls you into its alternate reality with muted colours and graceful pace as a family looks to repair their 'technosapian' android who has cemented himself as a pivotal figure in all their lives. Colin Farrell leads the cast as he seeks to discover the secrets within Yang and contemplates the impact Yang has had on him and his family.

Kogonada's style compliments the ultramodern setting, using it as a launch point for a meditative exploration of culture which flows towards an unknown destination. The final act is what really won this over for me - the emotional whiplash is both sombre and touching and took me completely off guard.

With an immersive use of aspect ratios and a gratifying narrative, After Yang is a naturalistic and mysterious film that lingers in the mind like a core memory.

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