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Boiling Point - Review

Service Please. 4.5 / 5

Directed by Philip Barantini.

A head chef balances multiple personal and professional crises at a popular restaurant in London.

I always wondered if I would be suited to work in a kitchen; Boiling Point crushes any of those ambitions in one of the most committed, impressive, and stressful hours and a half of my life.

Stephen Graham leads the staff of a popular London restaurant on the busiest nights of the year. As tensions begin to rise, the many spinning plates begin to fall creating fiery confrontations and devastating consequences.

On top of all this, director Philip Barantini and his team pull this off in one unbroken take. Playing out in real-time adds to the slowly building drama and a whole other level to the production. Pulling it off faultlessly, Boiling Point forces you to hold your breath and is a great reminder to tip your servers.

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