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Moonage Daydream - Review

Time May Change Me. 4 / 5

Directed by Brett Morgen.

A cinematic odyssey featuring never-before-seen footage exploring David Bowie’s creative and musical journey.

A vividly surreal experience that goes against the traditional structure of a documentary which is both completely unexpected yet exactly on brand when discussing David Bowie.

Brett Morgen directs and edits a mesmerising and psychedelic look through Bowie's life and career through unseen archive footage and abstract art pieces blurring the line between the two throughout the entire runtime.

I enjoy Bowie's music but I didn't know much about his life so much of this was an educational and kaleidoscopic experience where I both learned more about the man while transcending to a different realm of existence - the perfect pairing.

Remarkably edited, I found it a surprisingly reflective watch that celebrates being alive, evolution, and presence.

What a life.

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