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ESC's Picks: Sundance 2022

The perks of a virtual film festival is that we can experience the best of what Sundance has to offer whilst in the UK. We'll make it to Utah one day (Sundance Foundation, hit us up) but in the meantime here are favourite picks from the 2022 Sundance Film Festival.

List and reviews by Jack Aling.


Dual's off-kilter approach to death creates a feeling of unease in an amusing but somewhat aimless look into a sinister alternate reality. READ THE FULL REVIEW


Something In The Dirt is an exciting tribute to true crime and conspiracy theory documentaries that get under your skin as they attempt to explain the unexplainable. READ THE FULL REVIEW


Luring you in with romantic tropes, Fresh is a bold and seductive piece that makes sure you are firmly in your comfort zone, and then after a warm first act… the real film finally begins. READ THE FULL REVIEW

4) 892

892 is a devastating look at the mistreatment of veterans with John Boyega giving the strongest performance of his career leading a fascinating central conflict. READ THE FULL REVIEW

3) HAPPENING (L'Événement)

Happening is a daring and bold piece that tackles a difficult subject without ever backing down, forcing you to sit in its discomfort. READ THE FULL REVIEW


A tranquil and innovative look at grief, After Yang is a naturalistic and mysterious film that lingers in the mind like a core memory. READ THE FULL REVIEW

1) THE WORST PERSON IN THE WORLD (Verdens verste menneske)

The Worst Person In The World is a harmonious film that turns the mundane into beautiful, heartfelt and often amusing moments. A strong contender for what may be the film of the year. READ THE FULL REVIEW

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